About alexandertravels

Born in the 80s and growing up in the small Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby in England, I had big ambitions to travel from a young age, mainly fuelled by my love of maps (yes, I know, a strange love affair for a young lad). I would spend hours and days looking at maps, reading atlases and even drawing my own, of both real and fantasy places. Eventually my dream came true and I became a cartographer at a large UK map publishing company. Of course, working with and creating real maps then increased my thirst for travel even more and I’ve been lucky enough to visit 58 countries so far, with many more still in the pipeline!

I particularly like architecture and nature, so always seek them out on trips.  Of course, food is also a very enjoyable part of travelling, with South East Asian and Far Eastern food being my favourites!  I also love the journey itself, and enjoy nothing more than long train journeys or hiring a car and just driving through a foreign land for hours on end, getting to see the real country, away from the tourist haunts.

4 thoughts on “About alexandertravels

  1. I was already following you on Instagram, but totally loved the blog also. Always good to read about pictures that are in insta.

    You have a new follower now 🙂



  2. And I love your town- Whitby. Have been there couple of years ago and had feel in love with the place. Just so much to do around. I am glad to find your blog.


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